Match-up Meeting Delhi 2017

The first Match-up meeting was held in Delhi, India on February 23rd and explored the potential of distributed models of production and service delivery as an overarching response to some of the most pressing SDG-challenges India is facing.

To allow a deeper conversation at the meeting, we specifically explored how distributed models can be applied within water and sanitation, energy, creative manufacturing and health.

The aim however, was to kick-start a conversation on the role distributed models have across a broader set of economic activities. We invited the most innovative entrepreneurs, knowledgeable experts, and progressive investors and philanthropists from each sector with the aims of bringing disruptive change to India’s ambitions of meeting the SDGs.

The objectives of the meeting are three-fold:
• To identify, showcase, co-create, and improve ideas and models that transform the way we think about addressing the SDGs. A successful idea within this space is one that can: foster self-reliance in a community; reach an underserved population; be adapted in other contexts; and address one or more SDGs.
• To connect the owners of these ideas with other entrepreneurs, practitioners, investors, philanthropists and experts to further develop and nurture the idea towards realization or scale.
• To create local and regional awareness around the SDG agenda and understand how innovative thinking can help push the way the SDGs are implemented and realized locally.

The 13 impactful ideas showcased in Delhi

Based on a gross list of around 80 impactful ideas, those featured at the meeting in Delhi was carefully shortlisted based on their potential to help achievement of the SDGs and their ability to scale. You can explore the ideas below.

Water and sanitation


Creative manufacturing


When and where?
When and where?
February 23rd in Delhi, India