Match-Up Meeting San Francisco 2017

US companies stand to gain $320-$390Bn in market value from increasing female representation, but continue to miss out on this opportunity, particularly for women in STEM fields. Many Silicon Valley companies have not seen significant gains in recruiting, retaining, and promoting women in technical roles over the last decade, despite concerted efforts. Empowering women in STEM is critical both in terms of economic and social development including achieving gender equality.

The Big Bet Match-Up Meeting, hosted by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Dalberg Group, highlight emerging innovations, and identify solutions to overcome barriers for increasing female representation in STEM—ultimately translating into returns for both women, employers, and society at large.

The impactful ideas showcased at the meeting:

Empowerment of under-represented groups in STEM:

Improving diversity in recruiting and retention of women in STEM: