Cultivating Equality in the Food System

When we cultivate our crops, we forget to cultivate half of the workers doing it. Danielle Nierenberg enlightens us on serious issues women farmers face and gives precise recommendations on how we can cultivate the next generation of agricultural leaders.

What is the Big Bet? Women farmers need to be given support by international research and development agencies; and policy makers in the developing world must invest in education and new technologies.

Why is there a need for this Big Bet? Women make up half of the world’s population and nearly half of its farmers, but their contributions are almost universally ignored. This means that women farmers do not have the same opportunities as male farmers, which leaves a lot of knowledge behind and decreases the possibility of change.

What could be the effect of the Big Bet? A combination of traditional knowledge and modern technology has the potential of making farming more efficient, less labor-intensive and more profitable. Giving women a voice in agriculture would provide diversity and make it possible for women to increase their yields by 20-30%.

Watch Danielle Nierenberg explain her Big Bet.

Danielle Nierenberg
Danielle Nierenberg
Danielle Nierenberg is President of Food Tank and an expert on sustainable agriculture and food issues. She has interviewed hundreds of the people that we are trying to help and has unique knowledge on the actual needs.