Shifting Power to Protect People and Planet

If two Greenpeace top-leaders could change the world in one way only – what would they choose? Annie Leonard and Daniel Mittler describe how a redistribution of political and economic power is a precondition for achieving the Global Goals.

What is the Big Bet? To change the way we govern our planet. This has to happen in three ways; to give social and environmental governance bodies real power, to ensure the primacy of politics over business, and to control the financial industry.

Why do we need this Big Bet? Today, political and economic power is held by a small amount of people. A lot of them have great ties with the industries that threaten sustainability. In order to reach the Global Goals, we need politicians to be accountable to all citizens, not only the top 1%.

What could be the effect of the Big Bet? By making politicians responsible for all citizens, we could ensure that decisions are based on doing good for people and the planet and not on making a quick profit. This would mean fewer policies based on short-term goals and more focus on making sure we have a better and healthier planet by 2030.

Watch Daniel Mittler explain the Big Bet.

Annie Leonard <span class='and-author'>&</span>Daniel Mittler
Annie Leonard &Daniel Mittler
Annie Leonard is the Executive Director of Greenpeace USA and the author of famous movie The Story of Stuff. Daniel Mittler is the Political Director of Greenpeace International and advices on political and corporate strategies.