The Education

If we are to realize the ambitions of the Global Goals agenda, there is a pressing need to teach and educate a global audience of high-school students about the prospects, challenges and barriers towards implementation and realization of the SDGs.

In the book 17 Big Bets for a Better World, thought leaders and global decision makers present innovative thinking and entrepreneurial ideas that they believe can change the world. The 17 bets are wide-ranging in scope, exactly as the 17 Global Goals are. Common for all 17 bets is that they are ambitious, yet realistic suggestions as to how to shape a better future for us all.

The mindset behind 17 Big Bets for a Better World is fully unfolded in this educational material. Based on five articles from the book, the intention is for you as a reader to dive into the task of developing innovative and creative solutions for global development while growing an understanding and an appreciation of the Global Goals. That material can be used for in-class lessons and for take-home assignments.

Download the material: Towards A Better World