The Match-Up Meetings

Through series of Match-Up Meetings, the Big Bet Initiative seeks to identify radical ideas and Big Bets that can be transformational in the realization of the SDGs. The Match-Up Meetings intend to match investors, entrepreneurs, philanthropist and civil society organizations and to inspire co-creation efforts around impactful ideas. In other words, we want to launch a platform for action that includes untraditional participants and that is based on dialogue, research, and experimentation.

The purpose of the initiative is to create fertile ground for civil society and private sector partnerships that have the potential of resolving local challenges, but the initiative can also serve as a blueprint for others and hopefully result in truly transformative initiatives.

So far two meetings have taken place; one in New Delhi about Distributed Models of Service Delivery and one in San Francisco about Empowering women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Read more about the Big Bet Match-Up Meeting in  New Delhi here.

Read more about the Big Bet Match-Up Meeting in San Francisco here.